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In my role as the guy behind the traps, I’ve been really fortunate to share the recording studio and concert stage with some immensely talented folks – and even the odd legend. Here are a few people I currently get to hit things for…

Amélie & Les Singes Bleus

This is a band that will make a bride and groom leave their wedding reception at the bar next door to come and dance. (I can 100% guarantee that – but only ‘cause it already happened…) Our new record, à l’étage des funambules, was produced by the super talented Dean Drouillard and features original songs, along with reinterpretations of French classics by Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg and others. You will hear of love lost, love found, ideas worth dying for and monkeys roaming your neighbourhood. You’ll probably want to drink and dance. C’est bon? Bien…

Treasa Levasseur

I have been behind the drumkit in Treasa Levasseur’s “Daily Special” band for four years, and I often think the drum stool is the best seat in the house to watch this amazing performer do her thing. Treasa is the real deal – a powerhouse singer with songs that blend the contemporary and the classic to create modern soul music. Let me put it this way – it is a waste of your time not to hear her.

evalyn parry

If you looked up “artist” in the dictionary, well, I’d be impressed that you weren’t just searching for a definition on the Internet. I also think you might find evalyn parry in there. Evalyn is a completely unique creator of music, spoken word and theatre. I have been drumming and collaborating with her for about a decade. (To read a bit more about our most recent project, please click on the SPIN tab…) Evalyn is an award winning songwriter and a true wordsmith. Her gift with language, however, does not get in the way of her ability to write songs that can make you think and feel. I may just be her biggest fan. She is one of a kind.

Even though it is hard for me to locate it in the mess that is my life, somewhere around here I have a singer/songwriter hat that I wear from time to time. I seldom find the time to do it, but I do love writing and performing songs. You can find a few of them on this page if you care to give a listen…

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