I love film almost as much as I love music – which is really saying something!

My scriptwriting résumé is on the thin side, but, you know, so am I.

Porch Stories

I have a supporting role in this feature…playing a loveable geek.  Really playing against type…



Hidden Driveway

I wrote this film, which was awarded BravoFact funding and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011. It has gone on to screen at various festivals around the globe and has been very well received. It is (very) loosely based on my relationship with my brother. It is directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Goodman.


Bridging is a film that Sarah Goodman and I co-wrote. The film, which has received development funding from both the Harold Greenberg Fund and Telefilm Canada (and production funding from the latter), is being produced by Federgreen Entertainment, and is slated to shoot in the summer of 2013. It tells the story of a Hasidic boy and hipster girl who get thrown together on the streets of Montreal and spend a magical and harrowing day of discovery together.

I am also currently working on a feature script about an estranged father and son who both happen to be stand up comics. They end up back together. Hilarity and tears ensue. Stay tuned…


Phil The Alien

Again, playing against type, I play the part of a drummer in a rock band in Rob Stefaniuk’s low budget Canadiana comedy…

Me and the two Sarahs at TIFF for the launch of Hidden Driveway


Most of my performing time these days takes place in the world of music, but on very rare occasions – perhaps with the regularity of a week going by without Mayor Ford saying something idiotic – I will do a stand-up/storytelling set.

Here’s some random silliness…

And here are a couple of golden oldies for you to watch…

Mcdonalds Rant

Hockey Family

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